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Andrew - DJ Faze
Hello, I am Andrew, son of Stephen and Barbara Tappin and I would like to invite you to log on to my 'DJ Faze' sites which will tell you about me and my music.

"DJ Faze began spinning records back in 1994 at the young age of 16. His first love was Hardcore and starting playing at small parties at the age of 19. A move to Derby in 1998 he was heavily influenced by the Hard House sound that was taking over the club scene. Tony De Vit (R.I.P.) was huge inspiration for him and he started playing at local Hard House events. At the turn of the Millennium he ran his own night Klimax for a year but had to take break from DJ’ing due to the birth of his two children and work commitments. The last few years he has had more time and has really got back into the scene playing at local clubs and bars. Breakbeat is the sound now as he describes it as ; “a style that has many elements of different dance music genres.” He has the experience and knowledge of playing many different styles and on many different formats, such as: Vinyl, CD, and Scratch Live(MP3). Looking to the future DJ Faze has started his own productions and hopes to release some tracks in the near future."

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