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Audrey - Poetry Writer Part 3
From the Heart The Hand of Time Nobody Loves a Wasp

I never really understood her
Though Iíd known her all my life
Didnít know what she had gone through
Being a daughter, mother and a wife

I saw her world through my eyes
It always seemed so black and white
Didnít know what were her choices
Till her old age showed me the light

Listening to her rambling memories
Sometimes would make me weep
She was telling of her past life
Then sheíd stop and fall asleep

I feel now I know her better
Understand how hard things were
She hoped sheíd done her best for us
In the end I know she really cared.

Iíd like to write more stories
Enough to fill a book
Write poems by the dozen
Except the words are stuck

Locked in my imagination
Released line by line
Half way through the night
Thatís their favourite time

Well before the dawning
Of yet another day
Lines have to be written
Before they fade away

The need to pen a poem
Before the words have gone
Takes over my thoughts
Like the words of a song

I want to leave a legacy
When Iím no longer there
For I feel the hand of time
Coming closer year by year

I hope my descendants
Read what Iíve done
Perhaps some will be writers
Bless them every one.

Nobody loves a wasp
A beeís not me
Theyíre liked you see
Nobody loves a wasp

Nobody prefers a wasp
Iím chased from pillar to post
The one disliked the most
Nobody prefers a wasp

Nobody is my friend
I join them outside
They run and hide
Nobody is my friend

Nobody likes a wasp
I canít help my sting
Itís just my thing
Nobody likes a wasp

Everyoneís scared of a wasp
Iím everyoneís enemy
But I donít care, Iím me
Everyoneís scared of a wasp!

Come River and Sea Inquire within Guess What
From the rocks it gently bubbles
Murmuring louder as it flows
Twisting, turning, escaping faster
Sparkling as it downward goes

Gorges deep and narrow
Canít block its restless flow
Over cliffs tall and majestic
Crashing to the ground below

Free now from natures confines
Moving onward restlessly
Along the contours of the valley
On its journey to the sea

Laden clouds heavy with water
Spill their burden onto the earth
Sea and river join together
And so a flood is given birth

Dark and dirty, swiftly moving
Its voice becomes a deafening roar
Covering all within its path
The bubbling stream is no more

At last the rain fades away
High tides begin to fall
In its wake devastation
And yet the sun shines on all

The land swiftly recovers
It has been through it all before
Man takes a lot longer
Shaken to the very core.
Why do you cry.
For what is lost.

Why do you sigh.
For what I let pass.

Why do you listen.
To hear the words.

Why do you smile.
To keep the memories.

Why do you laugh.
For what has been.

Why do you dream.
To see the way.

Why do you linger.
I wait for day.

Iíve been deep sea diving
Stood on snowy mountain tops
Walked in Scot's frozen footsteps
Solved murders with stoic cops

Watched Alice shrink so small
Tumbling down a rabbit hole
Then explored dark mines for gold
And dug for diamonds and coal

Iíve crewed on a pirate ship
Full rigged to sail the seas
Rode with Robin in Sherwood Forest
Galloped hard among the trees

Been a prisoner in a iron mask
Escaped from Madam Guillotine
Dived from the highest waterfall
Rode express trains puffing steam

Sunk underneath the waves
In the belly of a submarine
With Captain Nemo in command
Seen sights youíve never seen

Iíve lived on other planets
Among beings unlike me
Journeyed billions of miles
Between worlds wild and free

I pity those who never read
Itís a joy beyond compare
To lose ones self in a story
Of crime, romance or do and dare

My thanks to all the authors
Of books that Iíve enjoyed
If Iím called before the ending
Iíll be very, very annoyed.
The Oak Summers Gone Harlech Castle
For ages I have held this land
Seen seasons come and go
Proudly here I firmly stand
Spreading deeper my roots below

Light draws me from winters sleep
Sunshine drives away the cold
Slowly sap begins to creep
Waking leaves start to unfold

No longer naked in freezing air
I glory in the warmth of spring
Reaching upward without a care
Each branch a growing restless thing

Birds nest safely in my gentle arms
Undercover of my spreading leaves
Taking insects that do me harm
Mutual respect we give and receive

Summer brings my ripening seeds
Now I am tall and strong
To procreate is still my need
Till my pulsing sap has gone

Slowly summer has drifted past
Autumn comes, my work is done
Ripe acorns drop down at last
Warming in the evening sun

Squirrels bury my seeds deep
My falling leaves their cover
Iím returning to my winter sleep
Till the freezing months are over.
Summer months have slipped away
Autumn winds are here to stay
Leaves now yellow, red and brown
Softly begin to tumble down.

Birds no longer sing a cheerful song
As days grow short and nights long
Starlings swirl in the evening air
Then roost in trees without a care.

Lost are those sweet summer days
When mornings brought a misty haze
Over fields yellow with ripening corn
Where skylarks sang in the sunny morn.

The farmer brings in bales of hay
Filling his barn by the end of day
Behind the plough gulls rise and fall
Mother nature has given her all.
Sturdy grey sandstone walls
Still hold its historic tales
Once proudly resisting besiegers
And wild, wild winter gales.

If only walls could talk aloud
What stories they could tell
Years of battles bravely fought
Sending enemies straight to hell.

Towers guarded sandy dunes
And the approaches from the sea
Men of Harlech held the land
To keep their country free.

The castle quietly slumbers now
Its past slipping further away
Wild and restless days long gone
But Harlech is here to stay.

Doors Vanishing Time   Missing You
Doors are a fascination
What secrets do they hide
Open they invite you in
Closed, I wonder whatís inside

Old buildings have their mysteries
With doors so soundly made
To keep out the unwelcome
When they threatened to invade

Constructed solidly of oak
Beautifully carved or left plain
With fancy iron locks and hinges
Itís hard to find their like again

An open door can welcome
The wayfarer back home
Perhaps to settle for the quiet life
Promising never more to roam

So now I have the answer
Itís the door that keeps the peace
A home that safe and cosy
With fancy hinges, locks and keys.
When did time begin to change
Moving swifter than ever before
Was it when I retired from work
Or when I turned seventy four

The months pass ever faster
Days and weeks roll into one
Hardly has the year started
Then summer has been and gone

Iíve thought of an explanation
Long ago we crammed full our time
Using up our months and years
To mature and grow into our prime

Now Iím of `the older generation`
Born and matured in the past
Not requiring those extra hours
Thereís no need for time to last

Iíll relax and forget all about it
Take every morning as it comes
Not worry about the passing years
Iím thankful for all the lasting ones.
I canít recapture moments
Lost since that dreadful day
When you slipped your earthly ties
Your soul drifting silently away

Thereís a space thatís empty
A chair no longer filled
No arms to hold me close
Now your heart is stilled

I long for your touch
I need to hold you near
To hear again your voice
See you in your armchair

The room feels so empty
Without your presence here
I have to live without you
I quietly shed a tear.

Lazy Gardener Holidays by the Sea A Week Away
Iíve noticed in the garden
Now that spring is here
Thereís lots of eucalyptus
Sprouting here and there

Following rapidly in its tracks
The periwinkle is going strong
Though Iíve dug it up ruthlessly
Itís still charging merrily along

Have they got something going?
The eucalyptus and periwinkle
They grow so close together
Their leaves almost twinkle

Then the blue forget-me-not
Is spreading just as fast
Its bright and cheerful flowers
Bring a little bit of class

Dandelions have sprouted up
Blooming all over it seems
While daisies mingle in the grass
Like bubbles in a stream

Iíve noticed in the garden
Colourful weeds everywhere
Yellow, white, blue and green
Maybe Iíll let them grow there.

Grey skies thicken
Darkening once more
Wind blows harder
Outside the door

Windows rattling
It begins to rain
Every day this week
Has been the same

The holiday drags on
As children fret
Not much to do
When the weatherís wet

A new morning dawns
Clear as a bell
Out comes the sun
And families as well

The beach is crowded
And the sparkling sea
Is splashed around
As youngsters run free

Grey days forgotten
We picnic on the shore
Everyone is smiling
Contented once more

Our holiday started well
A pleasant journey there
The bungalow seemed just right
Early spring weather set fair

As we settled in we noticed
A coolness about the place
Despite a brand new boiler
Of heating there was no trace

It was later that same evening
The emergency number we rung
In answer to our call for help
The heating was turned on

Next day the TV would not work
By now we knew the drill
We called our handy helper
She set to work with a will

Late at night a light bulb popped
And gave us quite a scare
'Cause it left us in darkness
A blown fuse we didnít know where

Out came our willing helper
With apologies all-round
She soon had the trouble sorted
And a new light bulb found

Now despite all the set backs
We enjoyed our days out
The busses all ran to time
And took us round and about

Next time we go on holiday
Perhaps a coach trip it will be
And a stay in a nice hotel
With great views out to sea
Waiting for Spring Hope Camping Holidays
It can be so frustrating
Spring is supposed to be here
Frost still nips at green shoots
Withering new tips here and there

Still wanting to re-invigorate
The garden and banish the old
To bring in fresh colours
So lively, brassy and bold

Canít wait to pop in new plants
Now daffs and crocus are over
And fill up all the empty spaces
With lots of pretty ground cover

Itíll give me great satisfaction
To sit back and watch it grow
And flower in great profusion
Unless the weather turns to snow
When your world is falling apart
And you feel like running away
It takes much more courage
Just to face it and stay

When all seem against you
And you canít find a friend
Itís often the most unlikely person
Thatís the stalwart in the end

Itís amazing what you get through
When your world has come apart
The strength comes from somewhere
And brings hope of a fresh start

Years ago we went camping
At a time when money was tight
It was a way to have a holiday
Have adventures, see the sights

You could guarantee it would rain
Even though we were promised sun
It was a race to get things sorted
Before bad weather would come

Weíd paddled about in the pools
That rain left on the ground
Not a hope of keeping the family
Dry inside, safe and sound

Later the skies would clear up
The sun would begin to shine
Things always looked much better
When the day was clear and fine
New Jun 2015    
Changeable Weather On Holiday by Coach Puzzling Days
Dark clouds roll across the sky
Changing day almost to night
Cool winds blow away the heat
Lightening brings back the light

Heavy air vanishes with the storm
Bringing a freshness to the day
Alive now with bird song
The sun chases away the grey
We booked to go on holiday
My sister Kath and me
A coach trip to the south coast
Our hotel over-looking the sea

Early morning we joined our transport
Then travelled to gather more
Till at last we were ready
To alight at the centres door

We waited for other passengers
To arrive from far and wide
Had time to read the morning paper
A cup of tea and a bun by our side

At last our destination called
Coach 222 was boarding
Everyone soon settled inside
In minutes some were snoring

The journey took a good few hours
With comfort stops on the way
Early evening Eastbourne came into vie
And the hotel were we would stay

It didnít take long to book in
And our cases taken to our room
First thing was to boil the kettle
A cup of tea was needed soon

The week passed quite pleasantly
With outings here and there
Long walks along the sea front
And around the town without a care

The South Downs and Beachy Head
Are a wonderful sight to see

While the village of Alfriston
Held many delights for me

The Victorian hotel had its moments
Creaking floors and rumbling plumbing
The restaurant served good food
The service almost like lightening

All in all our holiday was successful
Though the travelling a bit much
We enjoyed seeing the new places
But home gave the finishing touch
Sat at the table
The two women stare
At the small pieces
Scattered here and there

Now empty, the box
Is put to one side
Straight sided parts
No longer can hide

The frame is fixed
In no time at all
They sort out colours
Large pieces and small

Days pass quickly
And the picture grows
Then comes to a halt
Frustration shows

A piece is lost
Nowhere to be found
A search is begun
All over the ground

Itís a beautiful picture
Minus just one
Then happiness shows
The puzzle is done
November is a mixed month weather wise, sometimes warm, wet and windy then thick fog comes along. Hereís what happened one very foggy evening last week.
Lost in Fog Wild Wind Dance  
Fog blots out the land below
Night encloses geese in flight
Calls muffled in thickened air
Urgent now the search for light.

Languishing, the birds fly lower
For chance sight of ground below
A breeze swirls the fog around  
Light shows and geese downward go.

Noisily they nudge each other
As fog holds them in its grasp
Grumbling they find space to rest
And dawn sees them away at last.
Leaves whipped from tree branches
Swirling in circles to the ground
Like dancers skirts twirling
They settle with a crackling sound.

Lifting, swaying, gracefully playing
The music goes on as the wind blows
To a tune only the earth is hearing
Seemingly it forever flows.
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