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Scamblesby - 19 Feb 2005

On this walk were John, Hilary, Glen, Debbie, Samuel, Christian and myself and we completed a circular route of just over 6 miles from Scamblesby to Goulceby and on to Moses Farm and back. The weather was sunny and dry but with a biting cold wind on the way out, however on the return it was much more sheltered and therefore much warmer! This is a nice walk but it would be even better in the summer.

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Welton Vale from South Elkington - 19 Mar 2005
Swallow Vale Walk - 2 Apr 2005
Hubbard's Hill near Louth - 11 Feb 2006

Our first walk of 2006 was a circular walk around Hubbard's Hills and taking part were John, Kath, David, Stephen, Glen, Samuel, Debbie Fisher and myself.
Hubbard's Hills Route Map
Hubbard's Hills Route Map

Pictured here are Glen, Debbie, Samuel and Christian at the corner of Sand Lane near Stenigot.

The very pleasant middle reaches of Sand Lane

"Tangle Wood" (my name for it!) Welton Vale

Rebecca, Samuel and Christian leaving the Vale

The Witches Cottage sometimes called " The Old Weigh Bridge House" on the way back to South Elkington.

The boards that take you over very wet ground to the open meadow and South Elkington.
This sketch was done from memory and as such will be just an impression.
Tangle Wood at Welton Vale WalksLincs1-04
The Witches Cottage The Boards

Swallow Vale Farm

Walking through the Vale

Following the field edge to Riby Grove Farm

Coming out of Irby Dales Wood
Swallow Vale Farm Through the Vale
Field Edge to Riby Grove Farm Out of Irby Dales Wood

We started from the car park at Hubbard's Hills by walking back towards Louth to find the B1200 and turning left before crossing over.

With David leading the pack we turn into a former driveway to pass a disused school and on to Thorpe Hall Farm and then cross over the Louth bypass.

A feature of this walk is the wonderful lush meadowlands we pass through, an area we might have seen dairy cattle, maybe it's too early yet, but they've a nice meal waiting for them! This photo shows Kath passing Pasture Farm.

Making our way towards the A631 after passing through Cow Pasture Wood, we were now approaching the second quarter of our walk that takes in Welton Vale.

Walking along the field edge to Heron Lake and Icehouse Plantation, ahead of us lays Welton Vale.

Lunch stop in Welton Vale, we had expected more mud than we encountered but we were not disappointed!

On our way to pass Jack's Furze on a permitted footpath after coming out of the Vale and crossing the A157 on the last half of our walk. (Furze - another name for gorse)

Reaching a minor road we turn left and walk two hundred yards to another path on the left. Then we cross two large fields to a crossroads of paths, turning right a quarter of a mile from the bypass ahead
We head off to the southern end of Hubbard's Hills to follow Rise Beck back to the car park having completed the walk of around 6 miles.
The start Driveway past a disused school
Pasture Farm Heading towards the A631
Field Edge to Heron Lake Welton Vale lunch stop
Passing Jack's Furze Nearing the end
Back to the car park
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