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How we got to Grimsby.....
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The genealogy web pages includes records of around 2280 individuals spread across 355 surnames and includes descendants from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. Generally, for reasons of confidentiality, personal details of most individuals born less than 100 years ago have been withheld.

I am an enthusiastic genealogical researcher having started in the mid 1980s but I am the first to acknowledge that I am by no means an expert; so when you find the mistakes please tell me about them!

The information contained in these pages has of course been gleaned from many sources and inevitably will contain errors - original source material should always be checked before accepting the information as correct.

Time and effort prevents me from including all the data that I hold on individuals so feel free to contact me regarding individuals or branches for a mutual exchange of information.

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Yes, I have re-entered your olden haunts at last;
Through the years, through the dead scenes I have tracked you;
What have you now found to say of your past -
Viewed across the dark space wherein I have lacked you?

From "After a Journey" by Thomas Hardy
Currently, all Tappins living in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire are related and originate from William Henry Tappin (my grand father) who came to the town in 1890 from Guildford, Surrey when he was apprenticed at the age of 13 to the Great Grimsby Ice Company as a fisherman. William, along with his younger brother, had been an inmate of the Guildford Workhouse and in the 19th century an apprenticeship was a very common way of dealing with the social problem of children whose families had fallen upon hard times.
Harry Tappin circa 1976
Harry Tappin circa 1976

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is it a thing of the past?
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Genealogy Home is this page.

Background not unreasonably gives the background to the TAPPIN name in my home town of Grimsby and this page also provides links to some individual stories.

Overview Tappin and Overview Terry gives charts showing the pedigrees of my father and mother, clicking on individual names in these charts will link to their descendent records.

Surname Index would you believe is a link to an index of surnames which in turn will link to an index of individual Christian names, these are the pages that contain the main data.

Useful Links is just as it says, links to useful sites that I use in my research.
I (pictured here in 2009) was born in 1946 in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England, one of nine children of Harry and Ettie Tappin (nee Terry). I was educated at Holme Hill School and went on to Wintringham Grammar School in Grimsby. I started work at the age of 15 as an office boy at JJ Amos and Sons, a Fish Merchants on Grimsby Docks; this company was taken over by Ross Group Ltd. However, on 10 October 1967, I fulfilled a long standing ambition and joined the Royal Air Force in the Supply Trade. After nearly 34 years, including an overseas tour in Cyprus and short deployments to Malta, France, Falkland Isles, Italy and Kuwait, I retired as a Warrant Officer in July 2001.

As well as my interest in genealogy I enjoyed for many years canal boat holidays and owned a part share in a 58 foot narrowboat called "
Willoughby" built in 2001 and originally moored on the Grand Union Canal in Warwickshire but subsequently in various places around the network.The share was sold in 2014. Additionally, along with many other family members, I enjoy walking especially in the Lake District. In 2010, much to the surprise of many, after years of being a confirmed batchelor, I got married to Josie. We both attend St Michael's Church, Little Coates, Grimsby where I have become involved with fund raising for various projects within the church, Josie runs a monthly Fairtrade stall at the church.  

The Tappin Family Genealogy had a very comprehensive website all of its own and much detail can still be found at: http:/homepage.ntlworld.com/d.tappin - however it is to be gradually transferred to this site but for a while the two sites will run side-by-side.
David pictured in 2009
David pictured in 2009
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Pictured left in 1976 is my father Harry Tappin (1906 - 1988) son of William Henry Tappin and Lily Eliza King.

Pictured right is my mother Ettie Tappin (1913 - 2011) daughter of John Sydney Terry and Sarah Ann Hume.
Ettie Tappin 2009
Ettie Tappin 2009