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To date, the earliest Tappin name I have is that of my great-great-great grandfather John Tappin born ca 1790, place unknown but listed in 1841 as a papermaker on his son's marriage certificate. The only child of John's that I have so far identified is great-great-grandfather Henry born ca 1815 in either Kent or Buckinghamshire (or possibly neither!) who married Hannah Giles at Send, Surrey in 1841. They had 11 children the eldest being my great-grandfather Henry, the next eldest was William who eventually emigrated to New Zealand. Henry was born in 1842 in Ripley Surrey and went on to have two marriages with eleven children however two of Henry's children from his first marriage were for a short spell in a Workhouse; one of whom was my grandfather William Henry Tappin.

Currently, all Tappins living in Grimsby Lincolnshire are related and originate from William Henry who came to the town in 1890 from Guildford Surrey when he was apprenticed at the age of 13 to the Great Grimsby Ice Company as a fisherman. William, along with his younger brother
Harry had been an inmate of the Guildford Workhouse and in the 19th century an apprenticeship was a very common way of dealing with the social problem of children whose families had fallen upon hard times. William, the son of Henry and Emma Tappin (nee Tickner), was born on the 2nd of Mar 1876 in Ripley Surrey, his father was a Shoemaker and his mother, a Domestic Servant, had before her marriage briefly been an inmate of the Epsom Workhouse. They had two other children, Alice Maria and Harry but, following the birth of Harry, Emma died and Henry then married again to Olive Emma Wapshott, they had eight children.

William was discharged from his apprenticeship in April 1896 by mutual consent having received mostly very good annual reports and in 1899 he married
Lily Eliza King the daughter of James Bernard and Eliza Ann King in Grimsby. They had six children between 1899 and 1908 including my father, Harry who married Ettie Terry. William went on to serve in the Royal Naval Reserve during World War 1 and although his exact duties are not known he did serve on requisitioned trawlers operating from Grimsby engaged in supporting Admiralty war operations. After the war William returned to his peacetime occupation of fisherman; he lived to be 96 and died in Littlecoates House (Residential Home) in 1973 following a stroke.                                           
Lily Eliza Tappin circa 1910 Harry Tappin circa 1945 Brussels Harry Tappin circa 1976 Ettie Tappin 2009
Lily Eliza Tappin circa 1910 Harry Tappin circa 1945 Brussels Harry Tappin circa 1976 Ettie Tappin 2009
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