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Family Genealogy - Overview - Terry

Genealogy -

is it a thing of the past?
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  Parents Grandparents G Grandparents GG Grandparents GGG Grandparents GGGG Grandparents
Harry Tappin            
        Joshua Lott    
      John Lott and    
    William Charles Terry and      
          John Lane  
        John Lane and  
          Mary ?  
      Esther Lane and    
  John Sydney Terry     Sarah Caller    
and   and        
            Robert Woolley
          William Woolley and
            Mary ?
        Charles Woolley and  
      Prosperous Woolley   Joanna ?  
        Amy ?    
    Amelia Woolley and      
          William Green  
        John Green and  
          Mary ?  
      Kezia Green and    
          John Boylett  
        Mary ? and  
Ettie Terry and       Sarah ?  
    Henry James Hume and      
        Daniel Murrells    
      Sarah Ann Murrells and    
  Sarah Ann Hume and        
        John Smith    
      Charles Smith and    
        Mary Hawkins    
    Mary Ann Smith and      
      Mary Hance      
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