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Family Member's Interests
                                                        Peter - Church Architecture and Stained Glass
Hello, my name is Peter and I am the eighth sibling in the Tappin family. My intention is to use this section of our family web site to share with you a part of my interests, and hopefully, in doing so offer them to a wider audience. The core of these interests is church architecture, both the buildings and in particular the stained glass. I also intend to illustrate the lives of the saints with examples from various church windows, along with a brief biography. My particular passion lies with the churches of rural Lincolnshire, though our magnificent cathedrals will not be ignored. My hope is that you may view this subject afresh, relishing its beauty, artistry and the history of our land that it illustrates so well.
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The Creation Window - Chester Cathedral

St Martin's Waithe Lincolnshire

All Saints Walesby Lincolnshire
Creation Window of Chester Cathedral
Church of St Martin's Waithe
All Saints Walesby

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