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Kath - Postcards from the Past Cleethorpes - Part 2
St Peters Ave, Cleethorpes 1913
St Peters Ave, Cleethorpes 1913
Here are my postcards of Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire covering all other areas of the town apart from the seaside, beach and Promenade with some comments about the scenes. Many of these cards are postmarked as June, July or August pointing to the popularity of Cleethorpes as a summer holiday resort. Some images were in use over many years so dating the scene can be difficult.

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Alexandra Rd, Cleethorpes

A used postcard dated 30 Aug 1904

Alexandra Rd, Cleethorpes

An unused postcard probably from around 1905

Showing a view of the defunct Dolphin Hotel

Alexandra Rd, Cleethopres

A used postcard dated 2 Sep 1913

Alexandra Rd, Cleethopes

A used postcard dated 21 Jun 1959

A fine view of the gardens

The Beacholme Holiday Camp, Cleethorpes

An unused postcard dating from the mid 1950s

The "New" Council Building, Cleethorpes

A used postcard dated 15 Jul 1907

This building in Knoll St was completed in 1904 and is still in use today as the Town Hall.

High Street, Cleethorpes

A used postcard dated 16 Jul 1904.

Humberston Fitties, Cleethorpes

A used postcard postmark unreadable but from around the 1960's

Humberston Fitties Camp, Cleethorpes

A used postcard dated 7 Aug 1967

There is a mid 1970s view below

Humberston Fitties Holiday Camp, Shopping Centre

A used postcard dated Aug 1971
Humberston Fitties Holiday Camp, Cleethorpes.
The postmark on this card is unreadable but it is most probably around the 1970s.
The Camp is today unrecognisable from this view, it is now called Thorpe Park and laid out with roads, trees, ponds and many other features. We spent six months living here in a fairly small caravan with our four young children in the early 70s whilst having sold one house and waiting to purchase the next. It should have put me off caravans for life but it did the opposite and we now own a tourer.

Humberston Fitties, Cleethorpes

A used postcard dated 24 Aug 1970

Another view of the caravan site

Humberston Fitties, Cleethorpes

A used postcard undated but probably early 70s

Another view of the caravan site

Imperial Hotel, Grimsby Rd, Cleethorpes

A used postcard dated 24 Jul 1908

Imperial Ave, Cleethorpes "Going to the Match"

An unused reproduction postcard with the image circa 1955, produced by North East Lincolnshire Council.


Isaac's Hill, Cleethorpes

An used postcard dated 23 Jul 1915.

Bottle Nose Dolphin at Cleethorpes Marineland

A used postcard dated 1968

The Zoo and Marineland closed sometime ago and is now the site of the Pleasure Island Theme Park
The Miniature Railway, Cleethorpes

An unused postcard probably dating from the 1950/60s

The miniature railway till to this day runs from Kingsway Station to North Sea Lane, stopping at Lakeside Central with a request stop at the Discovery Centre. The total running length is 2 miles. The line was built in 1948 as a tourist attraction by the then Cleethorpes Borough Council who also operated it from 1959 to 1990. It is now owned privately.

Twelve scenes of Cleethorpes

A used postcard dated 2 Aug 1910

Four scenes of Cleethorpes

An unused postcard may be 1950s

St Peters Road, Cleethorpes

A used postcard dated 23 Oct 1904

Now known as St Peters Avenue

St Peter's Avenue, Cleethorpes

A used postcard dated 19 Aug 1913

Taken from the opposite direction to the 1904 card above. Note the Royal Navy uniforms
A fine view of St Peters Church, with an inset of the interior

A used postcard dated 8 Aug 1909.

In 1850 William Price-Jones became Vicar of Cleethorpes; he led the way to the building of the church which was designed by the local architect, James Fowler, and opened in 1866. There are eight stained glass windows, a visit is highly recommended.

Sydney Park Cleethorpes

A used postcard dated 12 Aug 1907

The park was desighed by Thomas Mawson, one of the most influential garden designers of the time.

It opened in 1904

Wesleyan Church, St Peter's Ave, Cleethorpes

A used postcard dated 1 Aug 1908

Winter Gardens, Kingsway

A used postcard dated 17 Oct 1937

A popular all year round entertainment venue catering for all tastes. It was to the dismay of many demolished in 2007 for "redevelopment".

The Winter Gardens and Cafe Dansant, Cleethorpes

An unused postcard of around the 1950s/60s

Not much has changed from the card above

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