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                                                  Kath - Postcards from the Past - Grimsby - Part 1
Grimsby Docks circa 1905
Grimsby Docks circa 1905
Here are my postcards of Grimsby, Lincolnshire covering the Docks both Fishing and Commercial, with some comments about the scenes. Some images were in use over many years so dating the scene can be difficult.  See also Stephen's page with some Docks pictures
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A used postcard dated 16 Jul 1901

This card is I believe the oldest card that I have.

An unused postcard from around 1903 but may be later

A used postcard dated 25 Jan 1903

A used postcard dated 1903

A used postcard dated 20 Aug 1904

Shows the crowded docks during the 1901 Strike which
resulted in a lock-out by the Owners

A used postcard dated 3 Jan 1905

Note the large block of ice being dragged along the quayside

An unused postcard from around 1905

With a fine view of the Dock Tower

An unused postcard from around 1905

An unused postcard of around 1905.

An unused postcard probably again around 1905.

An unused postcard again dated from around 1905 but could
be later.

Regretably there are no names or numbers visible on the

An unused postcard probably dating from around 1905.

The trawler in the centre is possibly GY796 "Rheno" which
was lost on the 20th Oct 1908 in a collision with the "St Crux"
of Grimsby.

A used postcard dated 24 Aug 1906

This card is titled "'Fisher Girls at Work, Grimsby'. It is
possible that these girls were Scottish having come down to
work in Grimsby during the herring season.

A used postcard dated 1 Apr 1907
New Jun 2015

A used postcard dated 8 May 1907

GY 83 is the "St George" later re-named as the "Lord George"


A used postcard dated 27 Jul 1907

"This is the largest fishing port in the world and I'm not fishing"

A used postcard dated 16 Sep 1907

Another unusual card with five scenes of the Docks in the form
of the Town shield

A used postcard dated 21 Dec 1908

The bottom scene is almost certain to be a picture of the
overcrowded docks during the 1901 fishermans strike

The building still stands although the crossing has been
replaced by a flyover road

A used postcard dated 26 Oct 1910

A used postcard dated 2 May 1913

Huge amounts of fish landed daily but now sadly nothing like
the same quantity comes into the docks

An unused postcard possibly from the 1920's

A used postcard dated 12 Sep 1929

An unused postcard possibly from the 1930's

A used postcard but with the stamp and date removed,
probably from the 1930's

An unused postcard probably 1950s

Another Royal Dock scene

An unused postcard probably 1950s

A used postcard dated 19 Aug 1968

An unused postcard probably from the late 1960s

Pictured are GY 685 "Loveden" and GY 1375 "Greenaa Way"

A used postcard dated 1968

The Valiant was Grimsby's first Stern Fishing Freezer Trawler
and was launched in 1964
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