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Kath - Postcards from the Past - Grimsby - Part 3
Holme Hill School, Grimsby 1906
Holme Hill School, Grimsby 1906
Here are my postcards of Grimsby, Lincolnshire covering People's Park, Churches, Schools and Colleges with some comments about the scenes. Some images were in use over many years so dating the scene can be difficult. Click on the link for a larger image.
People's Park, Grimsby

People's Park has recently undergone an extensive refurbishment see -

Stephen's page about People's Park

Now sadly long gone

A unused postcard probably early 1900s

An unused postcard from the early 1900s

A used postcard dated 17 Sep 1903

Showing the Bandstand; the structure on the left
(whatever it was) has long gone

Also showing the Park gates from inside the Park, the
Lodge still stands but sadly the gates have also long

An unused postcard from around 1905

An unused postcard from around 1905

The Memorial to Henry Smethurst, unveiled in 1894.

As well as being the largest Fishing Smack and Trawler
Owner in Grimsby he was an Alderman, a Justice of the
Peace, a Chairman of the School Board and Mayor in
1885 and 1887.

An unused postcard from around 1905

A used postcard dated 15 May 1910

Another view of the Lake,

A used postcard dated 15 Sep 1913

Showing floral beds

A used postcard dated 1913

Swans on the Lake

An unused postcard possibly around 1915

Again the Lake in the Park

A used postcard dated Aug 1919

Yet more of the Lake

A used postcard dated 21 Oct 1921

A view of the flower beds

An unused postcard of around 1948

Pavilion and Cafe

Now gone but replaced in 2008 with a new building

A used postcard dated 28 Aug 1973

A used postcard dated 8 May 1984

A used postcard dated 22 Jul 1984

A used postcard dated 26 Sep 1985

Grimsby Churches and Chapels

An unused postcard, difficult to date but probably early

This church stood in Freeman St but was demolished in

An unused postcard possibly around 1905

The Chapel opened in 1847 and closed in 1953, it has
now gone so was probably demolished soon after it

An unused postcard from around 1910

The church is Saxon in origin of about 1086, the tower
may have been built in the early 12th century and there
has been a fair amount of rebuilding and extensions over
the years. During World War 1 the roof suffered damage
due to a Zeppelin raid.

A used postcard dated 21 Jan 1907


An unused card of around 1910

The church was granted Minster status in 2010

Another view from the same angle as above but this one
shows headstones and also shows how close the
houses were at this time. Both headstones and houses
have now gone!

An unused postcard from around 1910

Showing the west door and also showing the west side of
the tower without a clock face probably because it was
painted over when the image was coloured? 

A unused postcard from around 1910.

A used postcard dated 16 Jul and probably circa 1916

There is a 1980/90s card below showing the interior
taken from a similiar position.

This card is also intersting for the content of the other
side, it refers to the Lincolnshire Yeomanry's Camp in
Weelsby Woods.

A used postcard dated 8 Nov 1949


Another fine picture showing the West door

An unused postcard probably from the 1960s

An unused postcard, difficult to date but could be
1980/90s but could be earlier.

In 1996 work started to change the interrior look which
included the removal of the pews and replacement of the

The Bishop King Memorial Church

An unused postcard, very difficult to date but may be the

All of the Tappin siblings were christened in this church
which was in Heneage Rd

Said to be the oldest building in Grimsby with parts of
the Saxon tower dating back to 1050

An unused postcard from around 1910 

A used postcard dated 4 Oct 1914

An exterior and an interior view

An unused postcard, probably around the 1930s

The Chapet was built in 1868 in the then village of
Scartho which was absorbed into Grimsby in 1928.

A used postcard dated 10 Feb 1967

A different view to the one above.
New Oct 17

An unused postcard difficult to date but probably around

An unused postcard very difficult to date but maybe
around 1910

An unused postcard from around the 1960s - 70s

A used postcard dated 21 Jul 1906

The school, with it's distinctive clock tower, was attended
by most of the Tappin siblings in the 1950's. It still looks
much the same today albeit no longer a school

An unused postcard probably dating from the 1950s/60s

The site is still in use for various comunity facilities.

A used postcard dated 1955.

A used postcard dated 18 Jul 1905

The building still stands but is in a derelict condition
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