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                                                        Kath - Postcards from the Past Grimsby - Part 4
Royal Hotel, Cleethorpe Rd, Grimsby 1905
Royal Hotel, Cleethorpe Rd, Grimsby 1905
Here are my postcards of Grimsby, Lincolnshire covering buildings and structures as well as multi-view cards, with some comments about the scenes. Some images were in use over many years so dating the scene can be difficult. Click on the link for a larger image (Alphabetical listing).

Black Swan Public House, Grimsby (at the corner of Victoria St and Flottergate).

A used postcard, postmark unreadable but probably around 1910.

This building with it's "1699" plaque was, when pictured, said to be the oldest house in Grimsby. It replaced an earlier Inn (built around 1650) and was demolished in the 1920s and replaced with another Pub. However, this also went the same way in the early 70s.

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Boulevard Park, Grimsby.

A used postcard dated 8 Aug 1904.

Always known to us as the "Bully".

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Cenotaph, Grimsby.

A used postcard dated 30 Nov 1932.

This year (2008) the Cenotaph has been restored and cleaned. 

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Central Market. Grimsby.

A used postcard dated 28 Oct 1906.

The Clock Tower was given to the town by the then Mayor, Edward Bannister (a coal merchant), of course in the name of progress it was demolished in 1959.

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The Corn Exchange,Old Market Place, Grimsby.

An unused modern reproduction postcard produced by NE Lincs Council using an image dated circa 1890.

The Exchange was opened in 1857 but sadly it was demolished in the early 1960s, another bit of l;ocal history gone forever. 

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Corporation Lift Bridge With Marshall's Flour Mills in the background.

An unused postcard, may be 1950/60s.

The Bridge was opened in 1928 by the Prince of Wales who went on to become King Edward VIII.

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Car 29 of the Grimsby and Immingham Electric Tramway at Corporation Bridge.

The Tramway opened in 1912 and closed in 1961.

A used postcard dated 14 Sep 1952.

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New Jul 2013

Corporation Bridge with a Grimsby & Cleethorpes Transport bus, the replacement service when the trams were withdrawn.

An unused reproduction postcard with the image probably dating from the 1960s.

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New Sep 2016

Grimsby Corporation Bus Station, Brighowgate with St James Parish Church in the background.

An unused postcard probably from the 1950s

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The County Police Station, Brighowgate, Grimsby

An unused postcard probably dating from around 1905.

This grade II listed building was purpose built in 1902 for the County Police eventuallly becoming the Coroner's Court until the 1970s. It remained unused for many years but now has a new lease of life as Solicitor's offices.  

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Deansgate (Bargate) Bridge (over the railway line), Grimsby.

A used postcard dated 9 Dec 1904.

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The Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen, Grimsby

An unused postcard probably from the 1950s

This building was in Riby Square but has since been demolished

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The Gaiety Ballroom, Wintringham Rd, Grimsby

An unused postcard probably from the 1950s or early 1960s.

A building fondly remembered by many but now long gone. The stage (on the far left) actually revolved and was later moved into the far centre, the dressing rooms were on the left. After a few name changes it finally closed in 1986 and was destroyed in a fire in 1988. There are now houses on the site.

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Dixon's Papermill from the air.

An unused postcard from around 1950.

The mill opened in 1906 and was in it's hayday a major employer in the town. It closed down in 1973.

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The "old" Grimsby General Hospital.

An unused postcard from around the 1900's?

Opened in 1877 the site eventually was outgrown and the building was demolished in the 1980s, now given over to housing.

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A better view of the General Hospital.

Taken from the Earl St bridge over the River Freshney also showing part of the Bouvevard Gardens

A used card dated 10 Jul 1904.

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Another view of the General Hospital.

With the River Freshney in the foreground.and the former South Parade Methodist Chapel on the right.

A used card dated 2 May 1910.

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Grant Thorold Park, Grimsby.

A used postcard dated 18 Jul 1911.

The land was gifted to the Town by Alex Grant-Thorold. On the opening day in 1904 the famous "Buffalo Bill" Cody's travelling Wild West Show was camped in the next field.

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Hazelmere House, Number 4 Welholme Ave, Grimsby

An unused postcard of around 1900 - 1910

The house (minus the ivy) is currently being used as a residential care home for the elderly. This card was found in the USA.

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Marshall's Victoria Flour Mills, Victoria St.

A used postcard dated 1907.

Probably the most impressive set of buildings in Grimsby at the time now sadly reduced to the two blocks in the centre foreground (without the clock tower) and the taller main building in the background.

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The Palace Buffet Public House (on the left) and the Palace Theatre (on the right), Victoria St, Grimsby.

An unused postcard from around 1907.

The Theatre was demolished in 1979 and the Palace Buffet was converted into retail outlets in 2005. Note the Marshall's Mill chimney alongside in the background, see the card above.

Larger image

Another of the Palace Buffet and Theatre, Victoria St, Grimsby

A used postcard dated 13 Nov 1916

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The "New" Post Office, Victoria Street, Grimsby.

An unused postcard possibly around 1910.

The building still stands today but has been converted into an Argos store.

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Paddle Steamer Lincoln Castle moored at the Riverhead, Grimsby alongside the National Fishing Heritage Centre circa 2008.

Now sadly scrapped - see Stephen's page


An unused modern postcard produced by NE Lincs Council.

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Grimsby Town Railway Station

A used postcard but with the stamp and date removed, the picture probably dates from arouind 1905.

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The Riverhead, Grimsby

An used postcard dated 9 May but with the year unreadable, probably circa 1908 and possibly a much earlier image.

Small boats could be brought into the centre of the town; the area was cleared in the 1960s and now the water is silted up. It still has water but the only boat of any size using it now is a River Humber barge permanently moored as a floating pub. 

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Grimsby Riverhead Shopping Centre

Building started in 1967 but in 1989 along with other demolished properties in the area it was revamped into an enlarged Freshney Place Shopping Centre

An unsued card probably 1980s

Larger image

The Royal Hotel, Cleethorpe Rd, Grimsby.

A used postcard dated 19 Apr 1905.

Note the style of card with the message on the front.

Another building sadly no longer standing having been demolished in 1966.

Larger image

Scartho Cemetery gates, Grimsby

A used postcard dated 15 Mar 1915.

The gates were identical to the "Unioun Gates" of the former Grimsby Workhouse (see card below) except that now the two centre columns have gone.

Larger image

Town Hall, Grimsby.

An unused postcard from the early 1900's?

The building was opened in 1863, it has a central courtyard which was used for prisoner exercise when the cells below the building were in use. The cells now form part of a "Time Trap" museum.

Larger image

Town Hall, Grimsby.

A "night-time" view.

An unused postcard from the early 1900's?

Larger image

The Town Hall, Grimsby.

A used postcard, postmark unclear but probably from around 1908.

This card is unusual in that glitter has been added around the shape of the building and windows.

Larger Image

The Town Hall with the former Grimsby Corporation Grammer School on the left.

An unused postcard from the 1950s.

The school closed in 1948 but the building is still in use today.

Larger image

"Union Gates" Scartho Rd Workhouse, Grimsby.

A used postcard date unreadable but probably around 1908.

For once, still standing and forming part of the Diana Princess of Wales Hospital site.

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Grimsby Multi Scene postcards

An unused postcard may be from the mid 1900s.

Includes the Fish Docks, Old Market Place, the Dock Tower, the Town Hall and "Demosthenes".

I had no idea what or where "Demosthenes" was until someone kindly emailed me and said it was the Demosthenes Wannabes Toastmasters Club.

Larger image

A used postcard dated 18 May 1910.

Includes - Old Market Place, Royal Dock, Park Gates and the Fish Pontoon.

Larger image

A used postcard dated 28 Dec 1914.

'The West Marsh' includes the Boulevard, the Hospital, Tram for Immingham, Alexandra Dock and the River Freshney.

Larger image

A used postcard dated 16 Oct 1910.

Includes Welholme Congregational Church, the Municipal College and Hainton Avenue.

Larger image

The Corn Exchange and The Parish Church of St James.

A used postcard dated 26 Aug 1911.

Larger image

The Royal Dock, Blundell Park football ground (in Cleethorpes), Humberston Ave (in Cleethorpes), the Dock Tower, Carnaval Day in People's Park, Fish Docks, "Billington" swimming at Sydney Park (Clethorpes), The Fish Pontoon, The Lifeboat Station (Cleethorpes).

A used postcard dated 3 Oct 1911.

Larger Image

Includes St Andrews Church, the Fish Pontoon, Grimsby Rd, entrance gates to the Scartho Union Workhouse, Scartho Cemetery, Sidney Park and the Fish Docks.

A used postcard dated 30 Jul 1921

A postcard of Grimsby but two of the scenes, Grimsby Rd and Sidney Park are actually in Cleethorpes

Larger image

Includes - Docks, Freeman St, Old Market Place and People's Park.

A used postcard dated 21 Aug 1948.

Larger image

Various Scenes.

Includes - Victoria St, People's Park, Freeman St and the Docks.

An unused postcard from around the 1950s.

Larger image

Includes - People's Park, Corporation Rd Bridge, Marshall's Victoria Mill, Old Market Place and St James Church.

An unused postcard from the 1950s.

Larger image

Includes the Docks, St James Church and the Top Town shopping precinct (before redevelopment into Freshney Place).

A used postcard but without a postmark - probably around the mid 1970s.

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