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Here are my postcards of Mablethorpe, Skegness,Sutton-on-Sea and Ingoldmells which together with Cleethorpes (see Cleethorpes separate pages) make up the major seaside resorts of Lincolnshire. These are typical British seaside resorts with all the usual expected amenities.

Ingoldmells is a small coastal village and holiday resort three miles to the north of Skegness and is the home to the original Butlin's Holiday Camp built in 1936 which s still very popular today.

Mablethorpe is located between Cleethorpes and Skegness and boasts all the usual attractions. It is home to the popular Golden Sands Holiday Park and there is a seal sanctuary situated at North End which has rescued hundreds of seals over the years.

Skegness is popular with holiday makers and day-trippers from the Midlands, it was once a small port but from 1877 it was developed into a holiday resort. In 1908 it acquired it's famous "Jolly Fisherman" mascot taken from a Railway travel poster entitled "Skegness is so Bracing".

Sutton-on-Sea, a few miles south of Mablethorpe, is one of the smaller seaside resorts being described as a "charming and tranquil village", it has golden sands, the usual attractions and golf can be played at nearby Sandilands.

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Ingoldmells, the Parish Church

A used postcard dated 5 Sep 1966

This is the church of St Peter and St Paul which dates from around 1200 which has changed much since then especially during Victorian times.

Mablethorpe, the beach from the sandhills

A used postcard with an unreadable postmark but probably around 1907

Mablethorpe, High St

A used postcard dated May 1908

Mablethorpe, High St

A used postcard dated 15 Aug 1908

Virtually the same scene as the card above

Mablethorpe, the Promenade

A used postcard dated 8 Jul 1934

Mablethorpe, The Sands

A used postcard dated 29 Jul 1911

Mablethorpe, the Sands

An unused postcard probably 1930s

Mablethorpe, beach and dunes

An unused postcard but dated on the back as 1931-1933

Mablethorpe, a novelty postcard

An unused postcard probably from the 1930s
New Dec 2018

Mablethorpe, Tennyson's House

An unused postcard probably from the 1930s
New Dec 2018

Mablethorpe, Sea bank Road, leading to Tennyson's House

An unused postcard probably from the 1930s

Mablethorpe, South Parade

A used postcard dated Sep 1933

Skegness Bathing Pool

A used postcard dated14 Aug 1944

Skegness, the Clock Towe and Sands

An unused postcard probably from around 1905

Skegness, Clock Tower and Gardens

A used postcard dated 20 Jul 1958

Compare this with the same scene in the 1905 card above.

Skegness, Clock Tower

An unused postcard dating from around 1965

Another view of the Clock Tower and also Lumley Road, now showing much more of the built up area than the previous views.

Skegness, a multi-scene view

An unused postcard probably 1950s

Skegness, multi scene views

An used but undated postcard probably from the early 1960s.

Showing North Parade Gardens, the Ornamental Gardens, the Boating Lake and the Pier.

Skegness, a multi-scene view

A used postcard 9 Sep 1962

Skegness, Pier

An unused postcard may be 1960s or 70s

Skegness, Scarborough Avenue

An unused postcard probably dating from around 1910
Sutton-on-Sea, the Parish Church of St Clement's

A used postcard but with an unreadable date, may be circa 1907

An earlier church was washed away by the sea and replaced by this one in 1818/9. The unusual tower is now leaning and the church has been refurbished a number of times. It is not known for it's beauty.

Sutton-on-Sea, Black Cottages and Hills, St Clement's Rd

A used postcard dated 28 Aug 1909

Sutton-on-Sea, Lily Pond and Rock Gardens.

This card is postmarked 13 Jul 1949 and shows part of this small, old-fashioned, seaside resort. The chalets are still in use today as is the remodelled paddling pool (see the 1956 card below) which is still very popular with children.
Sutton-on-Sea, Paddling Pool and Chalets.

The postmark on this card is unreadable but what little remains of the stamp suggests a posting date around 1956 however, the card above posted in 1949 would point to the photograph having been taken in the late 1940s.

This view was taken from the opposite direction to the previous 1949 card.

Sutton-on-Sea, the Promenade

A used but unposted card dated 9 Jun 1951

Sandilands beach, near Sutton-on-Sea

A used postcard dated 24 Aug 1970

Sutton-on-Sea Multi scenes including the beach and the High Street.

A used postcard dated 18 Aug 1978
Mablethorpe Novelty Postcard 1930s
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