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Entering Grimsby Docks

Summer 2005
A view of the redundant Ice House - 2005.

A small part of the film "Atonment" winner of the 2008 BAFTAs Best Film Award was filmed at the Ice House which appears in the film as part of a World War 2 bombed French port.

The not so busy Fish Dock - 2005

New use for the Docks, as a Marina - 2005


These six photos taken in May 2009 show the continuing use of the Docks as a Marina.

Below are two very different scenes than those above taken from Kath's postcard collection, the first shows the overcrowded fish docks during the fishermen's strike of 1901 and the second is a scene of part of the commercial docks from 1929. Click on the buttons below for other pages.
Entering Grimsby Docks
The redundant Ice House
Not so busy Fish Dock
New use for the Docks
Marina May 2009
Marina May 2009
Marina May 2009
Marina May 2009
Docks May 2009
Docks May 2009
Tied up in Dock, on Strike 1901
Grimsby Docks 1929
© Stephen Tappin May 2010

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Pictured below are scenes from Grimsby Docks, now very much different from its heydays.

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